VIP for $20?? What’s the big deal?

Carolina Aquatic Expo is selling VIP early entry tickets to those that wish to beat the crowds. This could mean a few things.

VIP early entry is limited to 100 people, and spread out across 20,000 square feet, that’s 200 square feet per person! Enjoy the wide open floor with little competition for goods!

This is perfect for guests that don’t feel comfortable being around crowds! With a 300 persons maximum capacity in the venue, we will be around half capacity during the VIP early access hour. This means that you will have twice as much social distancing space as general admission guests!

When it comes to deals, VIP ticket holders will be first in line to browse the vendor floor. That means any underpriced or sale items will be up for grabs! With many rare and unique items in limited quantities, VIP ticket holders will have the chance to snatch up rarities that won’t be available to the general admission crowd.

Not only that, select vendors will be running VIP only deals that expire at 11AM! Don’t miss out on these exclusive benefits! Guaranteed to be worth the $20 investment!

Click here to reserve your VIP status now!

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