We are just over one month away from Carolina Aquatic Expo!
It’s time to start showing off the goods!
Carolina Aquatic Expo will be highlighting select vendors to show what they will have for sale at the event! These pictures and descriptions are just an example of products you may be able to find at CAE, but some are in limited quantity, so be sure to get a VIP ticket if you want to make sure you don’t miss out!
Today’s vendor highlight is none other than Saburai Aquatics. A Charlotte based breeder, Sabu founded Saburai Aquatics in 2018 with the goal of sharing his passion for plecos with everyone! Fast forward three years and Sabu now features plecos, corydoras, guppie, angels, and shrimp! Needless to say, he’s fully committed to the aquarium life!
With a wide variety of mostly community-friendly freshwater fish, Saburai Aquatics provides many species that can live together peacefully.
Saburai Aquatics will be running exclusive sales during the VIP early entry period, so be sure to get your VIP tickets and save big on quality fish!

Exclusive VIP sale highlights:

  • $5 – Bristlenose Plecos
  • 4/$10 – Assorted Angelfish Small
  • $10 – Select Guppy Trios
  • $60 – L333a “Albino King Tiger”
  • $40 – L018 “Gold Nugget”
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