Carolina Aquatic Expo Raffles!

This year’s raffle sponsor is Sustainable Reef, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of natural reefs.

Sustainable Reef connects breeders and aquaculture farms to hobbyists across the United States in an effort to create a sustainable network of tank raised livestock. The fragility of the wild reef ecosystems means that any wild caught specimens that are taken away from their natural environment could have a disastrous effect on the ecosystem.

Sustainable Reef is dedicated to providing aquacultured corals and captive-bred fish to the aquarium hobby in order to help lower the demand for wild-harvested livestock.

All raffle items have been donated by sponsors and vendors, and all raffle proceeds will be donated to Sustainable Reef!

Raffle Items


Premium Raffle Items ($5 tickets)

Door Prize Raffle Items ($1 tickets)