Vendor Highlight - NC Bettas

NC Bettas is a founding vendor of Charlotte’s trade shows. From the outset of the Charlotte Area Aquarium Trade Show and now with Carolina Aquatic Expo, Tu and Camy have supported us and set up tables at every one of our shows.

A fish show isn’t much of a fish show without quality fish, and NC Bettas consistently provides top quality livestock that can’t be found anywhere else in the Carolinas!

Whether or not you are looking for award-winning bettas, world class discus, flowerhorns, or premium guppies, NC Bettas provides some of the best looking fish in the country.

Don’t miss out on these amazing fish, which come in limited quantity! Each betta is unique, so be sure to get your VIP tickets to ensure that you get a chance at the pick of the litter!

Find Tu and Camy at Premium Booth 4 in the Main Room!

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