Vendor Highlight – Queen City Corals

Vendor Highlight - Queen City Corals

Queen City Coral is Charlotte’s premier saltwater fish store. They provide and sell corals, fish, and invertebrates for your saltwater tanks!

Kevin brings his youthful energy to the hobby and uses it as fuel to provide some of the best services in the business.

QCC offers aquarium installations and regular aquarium service to clients throughout the Charlotte Metro region.

Don’t miss Queen City Corals and many other vendors at Carolina Aquatic Expo!

Tickets available here!

Exclusive VIP Deal

  • Spend $30 receive a FREE gift!

Show Highlights

  • $20 – Assorted Zoas
  • $60 – Frogspawn Torches
  • $30-35 – Hammers

Vendor Highlight – Dirk’s

Vendor Highlight - Dirks

Tanks full? No room for livestock? That’s ok! Carolina Aquatic Expo still has plenty of great products for you!

Dirks has been a trade show icon for decades, and he brings a truckload of goodies to every event! Whether it’s rare out of print books or every day aquarium supplies, Dirks has a wide selection that meets any aquarist’s needs! You never know what you’ll find unless you come check it out!

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Vendor Highlight – Rubicon Reptiles

Vendor Highlight - Rubicon Reptiles

Rubicon Reptiles is a small reptile breeding business focused on producing quality leopard geckos, ball pythons, and reticulated pythons! They also sell locally sourced driftwood for your pet and home project needs.

Rubicon Reptiles is a returning vendor based out of Fort Mill, SC. Alex sources some of the finest specimens of driftwood from the beaches and wilderness of the Carolinas. Whether you are in need of a landscaping piece or something for your aquarium, Rubicon Reptiles provides quality at an affordable price!

As every piece of driftwood is unique, it is important to be first in line to browse through each piece and ensure that you have chosen the best piece to fit your individual needs! Don’t let anyone else go home with your prized wood! Get your VIP tickets now and be the first to browse the vendor floor!

Exclusive VIP sale highlights:

  • All Leopard Geckos $25 OFF!
  • Buy ANY Reptile and get a FREE piece of Driftwood (up to $40 value)
  • Buy 2 get 1 FREE (equal or lesser value) – Driftwood

Vendor Highlight – TRSC Aquatics

Vendor Highlight - TRSC Aquatics

TRSC Aquatics has been delivering results since they opened in 2019. Their goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for their customers.

Tristian & Diana have over 15 years of combined experience in Reefing  & Aquaculture and are passionate about exceeding your expectations.

They are also passionate about combating the skyrocketing prices of corals available to the hobbyist, alienating many from ever starting. Part of their philosophy is to think as a hobbyist first and then as a business. As such TRSC Aquatics strives to only charge what they feel corals are worth and what they would pay for them themselves.

TRSC consists of 2 facilities. The first is a grow-out facility where they take special care of the colonies and corals that comprise their signature series. The second is a warehouse farm where they aquaculture their specimens.

TRSC Aquatics will be providing exclusive deals for VIP ticket holders! Don’t worry, though. Their general admission deals are still going to be saving you big time!

Exclusive VIP sale highlights:

  • $5-20 – Assorted Zoanthids
  • Less Than $100 – Torches
  • $20-30 – SPS
  • $75 – Elegance Corals
  • FREE – Phytoplankton

Ticket Update!

Ticket Update!

Greetings Carolina Aquatic Expo Attendees,

In order to get a more accurate representation of the show attendance, there will be a convenience fee added to tickets purchased at the door. Online ticket prices will not change.

Buying your tickets online helps the CAE team get a better idea of how many people to expect and allows us to provide a better show experience! We also want to encourage guests to plan ahead and purchase tickets through contactless methods in order to help reduce the risk of spreading diseases.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we continue to work hard to provide a first rate show!

The Carolina Aquatic Expo Team

Ticket Prices:

Vendor Highlight – Saburai Aquatics

We are just over one month away from Carolina Aquatic Expo!
It’s time to start showing off the goods!
Carolina Aquatic Expo will be highlighting select vendors to show what they will have for sale at the event! These pictures and descriptions are just an example of products you may be able to find at CAE, but some are in limited quantity, so be sure to get a VIP ticket if you want to make sure you don’t miss out!
Today’s vendor highlight is none other than Saburai Aquatics. A Charlotte based breeder, Sabu founded Saburai Aquatics in 2018 with the goal of sharing his passion for plecos with everyone! Fast forward three years and Sabu now features plecos, corydoras, guppie, angels, and shrimp! Needless to say, he’s fully committed to the aquarium life!
With a wide variety of mostly community-friendly freshwater fish, Saburai Aquatics provides many species that can live together peacefully.
Saburai Aquatics will be running exclusive sales during the VIP early entry period, so be sure to get your VIP tickets and save big on quality fish!

Exclusive VIP sale highlights:

  • $5 – Bristlenose Plecos
  • 4/$10 – Assorted Angelfish Small
  • $10 – Select Guppy Trios
  • $60 – L333a “Albino King Tiger”
  • $40 – L018 “Gold Nugget”

VIP Early Entry

VIP for $20?? What’s the big deal?

Carolina Aquatic Expo is selling VIP early entry tickets to those that wish to beat the crowds. This could mean a few things.

VIP early entry is limited to 100 people, and spread out across 20,000 square feet, that’s 200 square feet per person! Enjoy the wide open floor with little competition for goods!

This is perfect for guests that don’t feel comfortable being around crowds! With a 300 persons maximum capacity in the venue, we will be around half capacity during the VIP early access hour. This means that you will have twice as much social distancing space as general admission guests!

When it comes to deals, VIP ticket holders will be first in line to browse the vendor floor. That means any underpriced or sale items will be up for grabs! With many rare and unique items in limited quantities, VIP ticket holders will have the chance to snatch up rarities that won’t be available to the general admission crowd.

Not only that, select vendors will be running VIP only deals that expire at 11AM! Don’t miss out on these exclusive benefits! Guaranteed to be worth the $20 investment!

Click here to reserve your VIP status now!

Carolina Aquatic Expo

Welcome to Carolina Aquatic Expo 2021!

Carolina Aquatic Expo (CAE) is a family-friendly exhibition catered towards aquarium hobbyists and enthusiasts. With dozens of vendors and sponsors, CAE aims to bring quality livestock and dry goods to one centralized location!

Every year, we comb through the community to find the hidden gems that aren’t easily accessible to the general public. With these hobbyist breeders and private sellers, CAE is able to showcase high quality and rare items that cannot be found at most local fish stores!

Why drive all over the state to find that one specialized breeder that carries the fish you’ve been dreaming about? CAE brings the fish to YOU so that you can conveniently browse and buy whatever your heart desires in one location!

Don’t miss out on this one of a kind show! Buy your tickets here now!

COVID Safety Precautions

  • Mandatory face-coverings for all vendors and guests
  • Mandatory social distancing
  • All vendor booths spaced 6 feet apart
  • All walkways 10-12 feet+
  • Contactless temperature reading at door
  • Increased air circulation via overhead exhaust fans and open doors/windows
  • Decreased maximum occupancy
  • Outdoor eating and lounging sections